Blitz Supercharger for Blacktop BEAMS 3SGE

After years of searching, budgeting, and waiting, I found a used Blitz Supercharger kit for my 3SGE that I felt was worth the money. This supercharger kit has been discontinued from Blitz, although some websites still list it in their catalog. It is one of two different “period correct” forced induction kits. The other is a turbocharger kit from Greddy Trust.

Supercharger Design and History

The compressor used in this kit is made by Ogura, and from what my hours of googling and tracking down barely surviving forums from the early 2000s, it is a TX12. It’s a compact roots style compressor with a clutched pulley, similar to an A/C compressor. It appears to be very similar to the SC12 used on the 4AGZE, which to my understanding was also manufacturing by Ogura back in the day. However, the TX12 may be updated and flow better than the SC12. I would hope so, because the SC12 could be maxed out very easily on a BEAMS.
From what I gather, the TX12 is small enough that it doesn’t require a bypass valve (BPV) that is common on larger supercharger applications. Essentially, the faster the engine turns, the more boost the supercharger will make to a certain extent. So, at a certain point, boost needs to be bled off. On the 4AGZE SC12 setup, this is done by using a BPV to recirculate boost pressure into the pre-charger intake tube.
If my internet research is correct, the TX12 is a small enough size that the engine consumes most of the charged air so you don’t run the risk of overboosting. On the BEAMS 3SGE, the TX12 makes about 8.5psi at 5500RPM, and drops down to about 5.5psi after that.

Blitz “Electronics” Functionality

When this supercharger kit was sold new, it came with a wire-in fuel controller and supercharger clutch controller. Essentially what this does is goes to the TPS, MAF, injectors, ignition, etc and alters the signals to piggyback control the fuel and ignition system for the supercharger.

The whole kit was designed to be installed on an Altezza using the stock engine management. This was somewhat innovative for the time, however, now that there is better engine management options, I am excited to see what I can accomplish with my standalone ECU.



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